I look like some sort of detective, don’t i? haha. 

Today was a good mustache day for me. 

Best fucking scene, EVER!!! haha

Lana’s tough, but she’s no cookie ;]]

It was only right for her to be my new cover photo on Facebook. hehe

I felt really bad seeing Manny go down like that… It’s alright though. He might have lost this fight, but he still has GOD, his wife and kids. That’s what matters, specially big man upstairs (Everything happens for a reason) 


This is my: Your offer is quite irresistible young peasant; i’d be foolish to say no.type of face. haha 


This is my: Your offer is quite irresistible young peasant; i’d be foolish to say no.

type of face. haha 

is the best cartoon, EVER!!! But now that i finished watching the whole thing, i don’t know what to do with myself anymore?? I never wanted it to end, i wish it would have been like a never ending journey… SIGH. 

Asker origamidream Asks:
the song on your page is on point. slugo<3
sayheytherejoel sayheytherejoel Said:

Thank you! Glad there’s still some steady Atmosphere fans out there; most of them are slowly turning their back on him so yeah, much props!

Vel The Wonder - Lizzy Love

Her, Reverie and Gavlyn are bringin’ back that real HIP HOP

love the music you love :)
sayheytherejoel sayheytherejoel Said:

Thank you! It’s dope that you like ATMOSPHERE, but you bumpin’ Pete Philly makes you that much sicker; not many people know about him, so yeah… much props!!! 

Asker Anonymous Asks:
you like phora and the whole yours truly fam? c': <3
sayheytherejoel sayheytherejoel Said:

Of course!!!!!!! YT all day :]

Asker Anonymous Asks:
You are beautiful. that is all <3
sayheytherejoel sayheytherejoel Said:

Aw… Why thank you! By the sounds of it, it seems like you’re a very beautiful individual as well :]

What time is it!? ADVENTURE TIME!!!

So happy that it came with the hat ^_^

Chris Gee - Stressing Me 

He’s on the come up! YOURS TRULY family all day!


Eating Animal Cookies at 3 in the morning